A short break in winter time: Ibiza




Ibiza is the place to be in summertime and a trendy place to party.
The best DJs of the world go there and so the nightlife or clubscene is more than vibrant.

But dont forget: Ibiza is so much more than just a party island for the rich and famous!
The island has more to offer than just that and it is  defenitly a great place to visit in winter time.
And i am going to tell you why.

In wintertime it is way less crowded. The airfares are cheap and you dont trip over the intoxicated English/ Dutch or Germain people.  A lot of restaurants and bars are closed during wintertime but this doesnt make the island less beautiful. There are no big parties and: you will see local spanish people enjoy their island.  There are still hippie markets in the weekend through the island. And the sun is shinning most of the days. When you go in February time all the almond trees are in blossom.

There are busses going to most places but for some places you need a taxi.
I recommend you  to rent a car since there is no Uber on the Island.

Knock on Heavens Door

A nice look out place is called knock on heavens door. Dont go there for any friendly service but it is in Puentas del Cielo and the view is fantastic there.

There are hotels in all different price catagories  all over the Island but for the International traveller i suggest:

La Ventana it is  a family run hotel in Eivissa. A unigue Hotel located behind the medieval walls of Dalt Vila.  Great location; clean, and most importantly the host is helpfull and friendly.

When you are there check out the Ibiza museum of contemorary art. It is free and it is in a beautiful building.The collections contain works by artists inspired by Ibiza and the Museum organises many temporary exhibitions.

Food & Drinks

For drinks defenitly try a Cava Sangria at a place called Cava where there is a Cuban bar tender and his friend who will welcome you with open arms. Their drinks and hospitality is of great quality.
For food i defenitly recommend you to try a local food dish called Arroz de Matanzas this dish is made of rice, meat, saffron, and mushrooms and is typically from Ibiza. For nice wines/ beers  and Tapas i recommend you a tapas place called: Can Terra in Eivissa. Where you will meet a mix of spanish people, expats and tourists. It is loud it is warm and the food is fingerlicking good.

The beach

Walking is a great way of transportation on the island i defenitly recommend you to make a long walk on the beach any beach will do. It makes your city trip complete and from my experience i can say: Dont forget to wear sunscreen you will need it.





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