Ariba Aruba

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Hello Aruba

Going to Aruba was such a great idea. First of all it was snowing when I left the country.
Ariving to 28 °C and a little breeze was perfect. Weather is really great in Aruba all year round and no hurricane season. Meeting lots of Americans who come back to the Island for 20+ years. And they all have their own reasons.

There is a really relaxed vibe on the island. The people are so nice and laid back and you can choose the language you want to speak english spanish dutch it is all no problem.

When I arrived everybody kept telling me. Relax! and so i listened and I did.

Aruba is very touristy and very American. But there are different cruise ships coming in so lots of different nationalities depending on the boat that arrives that day. Kind of funny to just sit somewhere and people watch. Most people will do a day trip and think they have checked off Aruba. But Aruba is so much more than that. When you are in Oranjestad there is a pink mall where you can spend lots of money in a short time. It is fun to walk around for a while. It is close to the cruise ships.






Aruba is a small island. But without a car it will become to small. You need a car to get around. This is why I rented a car for my stay. Places to defenitly go to are:

  • Walking around in Oranjestad (take a tram)
  • Go salsa dancing in Oranjestad (arubasalsa)
  • San Nicolas watch the murals and see charlies bar
  • See the aloe vera farm
  • bakery Huchada in Santa Cruz
  • See the Ayo Rock formations
  • Relax on the beach for day and relax
  • Go snorkeling
  • Mangel Halto watch the mangrove woods
  • Take a boat tour
  • eat a sandwich Johny Cake with garlic sause
  • Eat out with sunset

What ever you do dont go to the island where there are flamingo’s. They are not free and you pay a lot of money for it.
Instead donate some money to an animal shelter get yourself a cocktail and enjoy your stay on this beautiful island.



Bon Dia and hope you feel inspired to check out more about Aruba