Getaway to Budapest

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When i think of a citytrip i think of London, Paris, or Amsterdam.
But when my girlfriends decided we would see Budapest for a long weekend a way i didn’t know what to expect.


Just packed my bags and we went. 

We booked a place at the Urban Stables witch is near a really nice bakery and it is in good walking distance of everything in that part of Pest. Budapest is divided by a bridge. So we stayed in Pest and visited Buda but you want to visit both sides. Public transport is really easy but don’t forget to stamp off your tickets overtime because the fines are serious a high amount of money. 

To get to know the history of the city better it is good to do a free walking tour or a bike tour.
you will start to look at the city with different eyes and also the people when you know more about the history of the country. Important to realize is that when the iron curtain begun to dismantle that is when the people where free that is in 1989. 
The Shoes on the Danube Bank is a memorial that gives remembrance to the 3,500 people, 800 of them Jews, who were shot into the Danube during the time of the Arrow Cross terror.

This is sadly also a reality and important to be remembered.

The city is clean and we felt safe. There is a creative vibe going on in the city.
The cuisine isn’t for everyone but it has much more then only goulash and pork.  but since Hungary is more westernized you can get international food everywhere even Vegan if that is more your taste. They make the best lemonades in town with fresh fruits an absolute must try.

 Don’t forget to visit the Jewish Quarter where there are ruin bars and a lot of food trucks.
Don’t forget to make reservations because people know where to go.
It is the best place in town for some amazing drinks.

Hungary is famous for water and so don’t forget to go to one of the many bathhouses they have in town. We met people from Hongkong, London, Brasil, Austria and ofcourse a lot of locals while bubbling in a bath or steamroom just by sitting in an outside pool. Yes it is very touristy but your skin feels great after and you are totally refreshed after.

 Lots of people go to Amsterdam for their bachelor or hens party but Budapest is also a great place for that. So next time you think of a getaway don’t forget to think of Budapest.


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