Everything is bigger in Texas



The perfect recipe for an ultimate road trip is: a great destination, a nice ride and some good tunes. You can do it by yourself but if you do it together with someone else, as in my case a friend, you can also add ‘good company’ to this recipe. Two girls, two weeks, and in bad need of an adventure.

When Europeans travel to the United States, most people go to California, New York or Florida. This has different reasons like package deals, ticket prices and states who are more familiar because of famous movies, TV-shows history, theme parks and so on. We wanted to explore more the unknown… We wanted the wild wild west, the place where cowboys are born. We wanted to experience some true American culture. That’s why we choose road trip through ’The Lone Star State’. It’s a big state so no surprise that there is lots to do. So, in order to stay focussed on our main ‘things to do’, we made a list of some of the few things that we really wanted to do and see:

– Get a picture with a real cowboy

– Shoot some guns

– Have a BBQ diner

– Ride a mechanical bull

– Drink beer and go clubbing

– Shop till you drop

– Have a good time

Because of the route we did,through the state we had a few places we wanted to check off our to do list.

We wanted to do the river walk in San Antonio, see the Alamo. See the sixth-floor museum in Dallas,  visit the Texas state capitol in Austin, and ‘Keeping Austin Weird’.

We also would have liked visiting the state fair of Texas, wich is held in September/ October, this was also on our list to see but being in Texas in May meant unfortunately that we missed out on this event otherwise we would have been there too.

In every big city we had our fair share of TEX MEX food: every morning we had a great big breakfast to start off the day.
I defenitly recommend to try some tex mex food while your there.

With country music blasting out of our car stereo, we saw Texas on its best, we met some real nice Texan people and of course we couldn’t resist to have our picture taken at the biggest cowboy boot in the world.

Despite having made a list before the trip I prefer to let things happen, adapt to the things the trip throws at me and enjoy the moment but some things are good to arrange in advance to make the best of your trip, for example: The Hamilton pool preserve. The preserve, located 30 miles west of Austin, sometimes closes to all visitors and there is a waiting line so book ahead. It is worth it to check their website and plan this ahead. When your there…….

There seems to be a swimming hole in northwest Wimberley which we wanted to experience but we never managed to find it. So we just have to come back for that but I hope you have better luck. Let me know if you did find it and let me know how it was.

There are some beautiful views at tops of hotels where now a days they give pool parties. Definitely worth it to check out if there is one near you and if there is a poolparty when your there.

Texas is a great state to have the road trip of your dreams and I hope this article gives you some inspiration for your future roadtrip.

We had a great time! I went home with lots of new experiences and a big smile on my face.

I wish the same for you as well.


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