happy campers Iceland


One of the most beautiful places I have been to in the world is Iceland.
Years ago I went there and was amazed by the beauty of the island. We got picked up by a young guy who brought us to the place where the camper was. I saw a motorbike standing in the garage and asked about the motorbike. It looked like it traveled the world and it did.

The owner of the motorbike came up with the idea of renting out campervans when he was traveling the world himself. The owner got back from his world trip when the crisis hit in Iceland. He bought the vans from workers who didn’t need their van anymore. Years later tourism got back up and the vans where ready to go.
If you travel to Iceland I can definitely recommend to rent a camper van with happy campers and I promise i don’t get any money for saying this.
It is a really great way to see Iceland, you are closer to nature this way and just a great way to go places where you wouldn’t go if you would stay in your hotel. Actually I did both.
A few days happy campers and a few days in a hotel in Reykjavik.
Always have your lights turned on from your car/ van or else you can get a ticket this is because weather can change every five seconds. Also because of this be prepared with packing your bag for the trip. Wear layers.
Friends of mine went there and spend their honeymoon in Iceland and I can definitely imagine why this is a perfect honeymoon destination.
If you want to see the northern lights then go between September through March this is when the nights are the longest.

you will be amazed by all the beauty it has to offer.





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