The ultimate Canadian winter experience


Whisler is one of the biggest ski-resorts in Northern America and known for the Olympic games in 2010.

The town is very well organized and has everything you could want or need for some proper wintersports.

One of the biggest things I noticed is that the people are very friendly and people from all over the world come here to experience the ultimate snow experience.

When you are not fond of wintersports you can still have a great time in this super friendly town.
Don’t be surprised when you hear an ozzie accent because a lot of season workers are from that part of the world.

Most of them work on the mountains or at the ski- resorts but also a lot of tourists from around come there  to Whistler to enjoy the ultimate snow experience.

Because snowboarding or skiing can be tiring for the muscles I try to be nice to my body and don’t ask to much of my body at once. You can walk or bike some beautiful trails here.
Ofcourse shop till you drop in the heart of town with all the brands you can possibly imagine concerning snow related inclusive a lot of European ones.
Have a look in your future with an psychic medium or have a coffee in one of the many coffee places. Later on the day go to one of the many pubs in town.

While walking in town we came across a company called Canadian Winter adventures. Out of curiosity what is was, we walked in. There they offer as the name already says it: Different Canadian adventures.
They also offer things to do in summer but the thing that standed out was the Yukon Breakfast experience.

This is where you go on a snowmobile tour and have breakfast on the mountain. And ride some more on a frozen lake and then head back. Because the country I live in the heaviest snow we get is around 1 inch thick, it sounds like great fun and

something different to learn how to ride a snowmobile and have this experience.

Boy, do I not regret this. Finally booked online after finding a discount coupon on the internet and just a day later, ready to go on an adventure.

It snowed a lot the days before witch made the views even more beautiful and for the Yukon breakfast it was a small group, so perfect conditions.  and a local girl called Jenna was our tourguide. After playing for a while on the snowmobiles we went for some beautiful route in to the remote backcountry of the Callaghan Valley.

The breakfast was good and ofcourse couldn’t miss the pancakes with some Canadian maple syrup.

At 12 o’clock we where back in town and gained a fun experience.


Ofcourse I can’t have breakfast like that everyday so we went to a place where locals go to aswell called Southside Diner. Whistler can get very expensive but this place is not that expensive and an experience on itself. When you Unattend children they will be given a shot of espresso and a free kitten.
Having breakfast there everyday was a great start of the day and ofcourse again I started the day with pancakes……drenched in Canadian maple syrup witch the best maple syrup is from the area around Montreal.

When it is a rainy day you can throw axes, do an escape room experience or find yourself a spot next to a fireplace and play card games read a book, drink a glass of hot coco or coffee with baileys or something in that genre.

Another great place what deserves to be mentioned and is worth a visit is the squamish lil’wat cultural center. When you drive outside Vancouver towards Whistler you will see Sk̲wx̲wú7mesh Úxumixw and L̓il̓wat7úl on road signs. Next to places they are the two first nations living in Whistler area.  Both the Sk̲wx̲wú7mesh and L̓il̓wat7úl are care takers of the land their culture is a reflection of it.
The cultural center is a museum and they give a guided tour offered every hour. You learn more about their traditions, legends ceremonies and even at the end have an crafty activity. What ever you do don’t ask for a cappuccino in the Thunderbird Café, but do go for a Bannock instead.

Don’t forget to go to the fire and ice show every Sunday in the winter months.
Entertainment for the whole family.  It is a little town but it is well organized and the nature, snow and the people are truly amazing.

So definitely put Whistler on your go to places.


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