How to become more resilient

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When life gives you lemons make lemonade but how do you do that?

Here are some tips:

Tip one: Something that can be helpful is remembering from your previous experiences and how you have overcome other hard moments in your life.  Because you have learned from that experience. What did you do then what helped you? And what strategy or skill do you need now?

I for example have a diary where I journal in and write a few sentences every day on one page. Every year. So for example juli first (2019/ 2020/2021/ 2022 ) And so you read back what you where doing before. I realized that this year I am in a much better place than for example last year or the year before that.  You can monitor your growth.

So the next tip is; write down your positive thoughts in a journal.

Something else that is very important is to watch your thought process and how journaling can help is; What can you change and what not? If you keep having thoughts about things you can’ t change  will only make you feel miserable and or helpless depressed. Be observant about those thoughts and the next step is to eliminate those thoughts because  those thoughts are not help you in any way. Start writing them down.
Also don’t forget you can’t change your past but only affect your future and if you do want to change your past you have to start looking differently at things. I know easier said than done.

Another way to look differently is by visualizing.
Athletes train to have success experiencing how they will feel when they win.
How do you feel when you win? Or have success by visualizing those positive outcomes it helps you motivate and be hopeful. Something we all need is hope.Some people pray some people visualize some people meditate what ever it is; don’t give up hope.

When you are going through a tough time you probably want to drink more alcohol just party or maybe even do drugs or eat more than what is good for you whatever it is; stop it this minute. By doing this you are robbing yourself from healing yourself.
When you have experienced stress or trauma you want quick release but it will make your healing process taking longer or it can make more traumas or stress.

Frida kahlo said: “I drank because I wanted to drown my sorrows. But now the damned things have learned to swim ,and now decency and good behavior weary me.”

Taking care of yourself is not easy especially when you haven’t had parents or a good childhood where they were there for you as a child. Or when you just lost your job or partner for example. But by taking care of yourself you will get hope going for yourself again.

So even if you don’t feel like it; have a hot meal a day, dress yourself everyday don’t go walking in sweatpants to the grocery store. Make sure you get enough hours of sleep at night and don’t go sleeping during the day.
Throw in some exercise because by doing that you are growing not only physical resilience you also build up your phycological resilience by taking care of your body.
Just remember when you are feeling stressed? Where do you feel It in your body?
That is right…… Body and mind go hand in hand.

Something that I personally really need to work on and hopefully for you is a reminder is hydration. Stay hydrated! Drink water it can even help you feel less stressed because if you don’t drink enough water your body will gives you pains and sores.

Being proactive will help you move forward faster. It mean you will have to confront your fears and react on facts. Ask others to help you. Acknowledge you can’t do it all by yourself and we all need help from time to time. So connect to a friend a neighbor a digital friend.

Last tip: Make a plan for yourself to achieve the goals you want when you  overcome obstacles while going for your goals you will start to feel having more self worth.
Then when you look back you can be very proud of yourself and hopefully you realize how resilient you are.