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Not sure if i want to write this article about skydiving or about making decisions in your life that will change your life for good.
So i will just tell you my personal story and hopefully do both.

I picked up a book called: The 24 hour turn around change your life one hour at a time. Written by Jim harness and Neil Eskelin

When you have an idea of what you want, a “focus,” then things around you get clear. Circumstances around you, like weather conditions or friends, start to influence you less. Change starts with first making a decision.

One way to not change or to stay stuck in the past is to repeat a bad habit over and over again. A bad habit can be an addiction or a bad routine, for example. My bad habit is letting anxiety take over at time sin my life. I decided I want to stop this behavior. I want to break this bad habit.

I decided that when I would be in Las Vegas, also known as “Sin City,” I would do a tandem skydive jump. What better way to kick anxiety in the nuts than to do something that most people are too afraid to do in the first place? That means confronting whatever bad habit is taking over your life. In my case, I am having a confrontation with anxiety.

I woke up excited, knowing this would be the day. I jumped out of bed and got ready for the day with a smile on my face, but still not really sure what to expect.

First you start with filling out the paperwork, signing a lot of legal stuff, noting you have not taken any drugs or alcohol in the past few hours, and basically saying that you cannot sue the company if something bad happens. There is a weigh-in if you are over 100 kilos. I have bad news and good news… now you have a good reason to start losing that weight! After meeting your tandem instructor, you get fitted into your harness and quickly trained on what to expect. You walk with your tandem instructor to the airplane. In my case, this was a C-206 plane.

It took us up to 15,000 feet. Going up, I felt calm and I enjoyed thee view. Flying has always been a positive moment for me, a place where I am able to leave all of my thoughts and worries on the ground and really just be in the moment. Going up in the air is really a nice place for me to be. But, when I saw people really jump out of the plane, reality kicked in. This is real, and it is really happening now to me.

For me, the scariest moment was the actual jumping out of the plane. The moment you break contact with the plane you have difficulty breathing, so I just screamed all of the air out of my lungs. For a moment, I thought I was going to die, but a few milliseconds later my heart and body aligned.
Then and there I realized that I was fine and that my anxiety had no reason to even be there.

I really have to stop listening to the rambling thought process I have most of the time. I got a signal that this was fun and my body and mind were in sync. I started to enjoy the moment and enjoy the ride. I realized that the other side of fear is where the best experiences take place and I decided that I wanted more of these moments in my future.

I already decided that fear would not have control over me anymore, but while in the air I made a pact with myself that anxiety is not a really good advice giver anymore, and I knew I needed to make some changes when I landed with two feet back on earth.

Before I took this jump, a few friends recommended that I definitely take the photo and video package so that I could see my face jumping out of an airplane. There will be fear in your eyes, then relaxation, and one of the biggest smiles on your face that you may ever experience. You will want proof of this to remember it later on in life.

I flew back to Las Vegas and jumped out of another plane a week later, again meeting some amazing people and having a great and special time with them. I knew that this would not be my last jump, and I really experienced an amazing time. I learned not to let fear take control of me as much as it ever had before.

Thank you ….. (life).


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