A shamanistic experience no not ayahuasca but a cacao ceremony


In different yoga schools and places for personal development you can try a shamanistic experience called a cacao ceremony. And the tradition is very old and comes from the Maya’s and Aztec. For the ceremony they use 100% raw cacao as a healing medicine. 
The bean is high in vitamines minerals and other substances like tryptophan and help produce hormones such as serotonine and endorfines. What it does it gives you a good and happy feeling. 
The cacao ceremony is used to make an inner journey and opens up your heart. It makes you more sensitive without making you hallucinate. You can even drive a car after the ceremony. 

I was curious and wanted to know more and i found different places who offered it and for different prices for that manner. You can even let it send to your home and make/ do it yourself but i wanted to have the full experience and because it was my first time i wanted to have some guidance. 

I had a good feeling with this older woman who offered an 2 hour ceremony with a guided meditation. IT was close to the beach and she knew more about shamanism. She was one of the few who also asked if i used any medication when i said i was interested. 
This is good because when you take high blood pressure medication or antidepressants or antipsychotic medications you should not want to join this ceremony or maybe join but not take the cacao.
So on a saturday afternoon i went to this place I’ve never been before. i chose a place to sit and sat there the people who also came in all had there own reason to come in for a cacao ceremony. 
There was a lady who wanted to know for sure if she should go on with her divorce. 
Another lady who is grieving, a lady who was curious and wanted to develop herself more on the spiritual side of things and a girl who did this for the second time and didn’t really say anything. So everybody has there own reason to do the ceremony.
It had shamanistic rituals around it and i let it all in and it started raining the minute we started the meditation it helped me getting into the meditation. The meditation was guided with different sounds and the drum was leading. I found myself deep in the south American jungle and a panther came out and a young girl with warrior stripes under her eyes. She told me to go on and get in to action. No clue what this meant. She gave me a medicin bag with a piece of pure cacao and she said for on the road. Then i was still there in the jungle and it was time to get back in to the real world. The minute we got out of the meditation it stopped raining. I was so surprised that i was able to fabricate this kind of imagination. I started when she guided us into the meditation about a jungle so thought of Asia because I’ve been there but my mind just took a spin and brought me deep in the jungle in South America. And this was even before we had the Cacao. After the first meditation we set a goal for ourself and we began drinking the cacao it was very thick and not pleasant at all. I she wed on it, It was that thick. And it tasted nothing at all like what i expected. Don’t think of hot chocolate because it is very bitter and it doesn’t taste like chocolate al all. 
After that we had another meditation but weirdly enough i didn’t sink that far in the meditation like i did the first one. i felt becoming arrogant and i felt good within myself but nothing strange or different. When i came home after the ceremony i had to cry not really knowing why i just felt horrible so i cried and went to bad early. 
The days after that i dreamed very weird and it feels it still had his effect on me but in a good way.
Did it change my life? No. Would i do it again. Sure. I realized that my creativity is better then before and i am amazed what i can fabricate in my mind. So this is already a reason for me why i would do it again for seeing the creative side in me again. Is it addictive? No it isn’t. 
So this was my first experience with a cacao ceremony. What will yours be like? Do you want to do it with an guided meditation do you want to drink it solo or experience it with an friend. All possibilities. I wish you a safe and fun journey within yourself when you do the ceremony and hopefully it gives you what you want. What maybe helps is to think of an intention to set for yourself before you go there. I have my second ceremony planned in a few months and look forward to it. Instead of only feeding my curiosity this time i will set an intention before i drink the cacao.


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