When you have a burn out

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I thought that a burn out meant that people in their fifties had reorganization after reorganization and couldn’t deal with it anymore and so they get a burn out because of that but now a days mostly young people get a burn out. What happened? Mostly millennials get a burn out. I want to share some insights with you. Probably you have had a lot of stress and too much on your plate for a while. Things (life events) happened and you didn’t know how to deal with it. Or sometimes it can even be that you are a perfectionist and you are trying to long to do your best. Or you are at a wrong job or a wrong company to be your best self or saying no is hard on you. Whatever the reason is. The reason is different for everyone. Your mind and body are telling you something. Go see your doctor that is the first thing you want to do and don’t keep this to yourself. When you have burn out symptoms whatever you do stay active. Even if you want to curl up and lie down in a little ball. Doing nothing is not the solution.


  • Keep your body active.

Put on your shoes and go outside best is to be in nature.
Go swimming, go wonder in the forest, go to a lake, hop on that bike.
Ask your neighbor to borrow their dog once a day.
Go alone or ask your family or friends to just walk with you.
Whatever you do don’t stay on the couch all day. Keep a routine going.
Even If It is just 10 minutes a day the walk, make a start. And build the paste and the time up from there. Keep moving.

  • Feel
    Start feeling. Also the feelings you don’t like. Because It is trying to tell you something. So stop pushing it away. Feel your body. Practice yoga or start meditation. Download one of the trillion apps there are nowadays. Try not to judge what you are feeling. Let it be there.

Start journaling. It is a safe place for your feelings while going through original pain work. Make a list of this is what I don’t want.
Holding feelings in is correlated to more stress. And that is what you don’t want any more of. So let it out. Scream, Dance, Sing, Laugh, Cry.

  • Talk
    Something that can really help is cognitive behavior therapy.
    But also going to a nurse practitioner at the doctor could help you out.
    Go look for insights do this by talking with others, read about it. And question yourself the hard questions. What is it telling me?
    Get more insight in yourself by talking with others and let them ask you questions.

This is the moment to change, grow and learn. When you are not doing anything the burn out can turn into a depression. So start listening now and get the help you need.

You are not failing. Failure has a function. What is it trying to tell you?

Wish you all the best.





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