Say yes to a yoga Teacher Training 200hour

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The first time i thought of doing a Yoga Teacher Training was two years ago. I didnt want to become a teacher but i wanted to deepen myself in the subject of Yoga and that is why i started to flirt with the idea. I just started yoga and still thought that  asanas like  the Downward facing dog where heavy. Not knowing yet that this is a resting pose.
Two years later i felt ready to do a YTT 200 hours because i wanted to know more and felt ready. I wanted a holiday had the time and money and i wanted to be with like minded people. So this was the opertunity to do so.
So i went on the Internet and there are so many different choices  to make like Country wise, Money wise, and Yoga wise.
But when you figured out what you want get ready for a great life changing adventure.

When i was browsing the Internet i found a website from Tavoos Yoga in Cambodia Siem Reap this is a Certified Yoga Alliance Teachers Training Program with small class sizes of 15-20 people maximum and it is only 16 days.

For 16 days i surrounded myself with like minded people who have similar interest and help motivate and inspire eithother.
The food was absolutely amazing and healthy the staff that worked there really know what hospitality means and made our stay even better.
Yogi Madev was our first week teacher and flew in from India where he has his own ashram in Goa India.  We are very fortunate that he was our teacher. The second week we had class from Amanda Evans she teached more modern yoga, and let us feel the difference. She lead  the satsang in the evenings and made sure we did our homework.

There is just so many you can do and learn in 200 hours YTT.
you learn more about the history of Yoga, yoga anotomy, and about teaching in general. And finally teaching yoga yourself.
For a healthy body and mind you want to involve in to five main principles
1 Proper excersize
2 Proper Breathing
3 Proper Relaxation
4 Proper Diet
5 Positive thinking and Meditation

In 200 hours  you will learn more about yourself, and how you react, what you need. By doing yoga you will get these insights.
You make new friends all over the world and you get new confidence & trust.

I wish for you the same that is why i defenitly recommend a 200 hour yoga Teacher training when you want to get to know yourself better or if you want to know more about yoga. So dont worry if you dont want to become a teacher.
I do recommend to do your research before booking a retreat because there is a lot of diversity in quality!

Practical Tips

Make sure that the teachers who will guide you are registered teachers. For more information click the link below in the article.
You do want to know how many people can sign up for the program. You will have a different experience when you are in an Ashram with 80 people or are in a  private property  in a group of 20 people.
How is the weather in the country at that season when you are going?
Also something you want to know is how are the medical facilities in the area?
Do you need to take malaria pills? And are you willing to do so? If not maybe a different country is better for you.
Look at Testimonials, Social Proof, Feature Articles & 3rd party Endorsements from people who joined the program.
Finally here are some websites that helped me with making my decision on where to go.

photocredits: Andrea Haasse


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