Why meditation helps



Did you ever had that feeling that there is a train of thoughts going through your head which you can’t stop? Or you don’t know what to do with your feelings and you are minutes away from crying? Or you feel so stressed that you think only a holiday can safe you? Before you do book your next holiday please continue reading this article. Stop listening to your thoughts for a minute……

Getting still is free and you will start focussing on yourself during meditation. You can meditate where and whenever. On your bed, in a chair, lying on the floor on a rock in nature, you name it during every moment of the day (ornight). Meditation reduces the stress hormone Cortisol. It helps reducing feelings of fear and depression and opens up awareness. It let unnecessary thoughts leave your mind and it relaxes the body, mind and soul. So why not give it a try? When you are meditating you are focussing and that helps you to not supress your thoughts and feelings that go through your mind. Try not to judge these thoughts and feelings and accept the moment you are in. By meditating you start to get more and more aware. And by becoming aware you start to live more in the now become mindful and yourself-awareness grows.

It’s like fitness: the more you exercise the easier it gets and for brain fitness the exercise is meditation. When you start doing it more frequently you start to feel the benefits from becoming more aware. It is scientifically been proven that meditation helps, so what is holding you back? It will give you more access to experience inner peace and it helps you to gain control over your thoughts and feelings. Meditation doesn’t mean you have to sit down for
hours, it can be done in minutes. When I was in Thailand I talked to a Buddhist monk and told him the excuse most westerners will have: “I don’t have time to meditate” he said: “Yes, I’ve heard that before”. And he gave me a simple exercise even I could do. It is scanning your body, and it helps you getting aware of what you feel. Because you can do this while you’re getting up in the morning or getting ready for bed even I don’t have an excuse anymore.

– “When you don’t know what to do, do nothing. Get still until you do know.
Nobody knows only you.” Oprah W. –


‘When you don’t have time to meditate, then your need for meditation is the most urgent’.

You can find guided meditations on Spotify or YouTube. There are different exercises you can do while meditating, focussing on your breath, a mantra, visualising or doing a body scan. When you learn to use different meditation technics you start to feel more inner peace and make you grow as a person.

It can help to join a meditation group, search for a meditation coach or go to the local yoga school. A lot of these yoga schools offer meditation as well. And when you know how to meditate already, start again. Stop making excuses and give yourself the benefits of meditation. Why? Because you are worth it!


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