Free medicine is nature

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If there is one thing I have learned as a nurse is that we need to connect with nature.
When I worked as a nurse in a closed ward the first thing we did was taking patients in to nature. The patients felt better every single time. Look up the word biophilia! We cannot live without nature. When I was going through a tough time I would cycle to the sea and get away from the city. They say sun, tears and salt water heal a lot of wounds and it sure did for me. Why I love the ocean so much is because it is filled with negative Ions witch are invisible charged particles in the air and are electric charged. And nature is filled with negative ions.  Especially at waterfalls, oceans, at the beach and in mountains and forests.

People (in the west) have heart attacks, cancer and a lot of mental illnesses and most people experience stress. It is a true health epidemic. So how do we manage stress? By start going in to nature for starters and start doing forest bathing. It is free and hopefully around you and if not a good question to ask yourself why not?  Two hours in Nature is a great way to start destressing your body and mind.
Dr. Qing Li. Wrote a book called ‘Forest Bathing’. By walking in nature you help your nervous system to calm down. In his book he tells you about the benefits of what forest bathing can do for you. A short summary is: Your blood pressure will decrease, your pulse rate slows down and the rate of digestion can speed up.
So grab a pair of sneakers and head out in to a forest or park if you live in a big city.
Or get a way for a few days rent a cabin and stay in the woods for a few days, listen to the birds singing tunes and come back more healthy. And make it a habit to walk in nature more often and if your answer is I don’t have time then the more you need it.

Nature is medicine


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