mindfulness through gardening


The smells, the colors, the sounds, the life you surround yourself with is a great way to become more mind full and down to earth. When I was working in mental healthcare there was a project going on, where patients could take care of plants &herbs. Watching something grow and really taking care of something can really lift your spirits.
And as a result you can eat the beauty that the garden gives you. Isn’t that great? Full of nutrition and the love you gave it. Witch will never taste as nice as what you can buy in the grocery store. Especially when you work on a biologic level.  When you do work on a biologic level one third will probably not make it, but it will be worth it. Try out different things and be patient. It is a commitment when you choose to garden fruits and vegetables it needs a lot of Tender loving care and a lot of water. A girl with her own garden told me that for her it all started with just a few plants in front of her parents house. She read an add and leased a little tiny spot at a greenhouse vegetable garden and just started. When I got a tour at her garden she told me all about the different plants and I was amazed about the knowledge she has now about the plants.
She also told me that there are families renting spots and so the kids learn to grow their own food. I think that is really fun and very educational.
I don’t have green fingers but I do like to see what happens and I grow things at my window just for fun. I love to give plants and herbs to friends instead of wine or chocolate. So If you are going to a dinerparty you could give them some fresh mint or fresh basil and you can put it on your dish as a finishing touch.
Gardening is a great hobby to have and very good for your mental and physical health. If you are looking for a new hobby or just something new you want to try out.

Just give it a go. When you finished your avocado, take the pit out and try to let it grow. Use your creativity. Or try to sproud your apple seeds.
I wish you goodluck and a lot of fun.



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