Mother Earth and the Energy Transition


The energy transition is happening with or without you. Goverments need to work together and until now they are failing but mother nature will wake Goverments and people up in the comming years. Big disasters are waiting to happen and some places on earth will dissapear or become to hot to live. Goverments need to work together to really make a change.

A lot of things are not in our span of control but there are some things you can do to help mother nature.
Here are some tips:

  • Go to an energy provider who works with Green Energy use for example solar energy
  • Travel less dont fly but take a train instead or bike or walk and leave your car at home
  • buy less (Consume less stuff especially made in far away countries.) buy second hand and live small.
  • Eat plant based this is not only for mother nature but also your own health and against the food shortage in the world
  • Dont waste foodThese are some very concrete tips you can do to help mother nature. By doing so you safe money, help mother nature and help yourself.Become aware of your own behavior. I am not asking to stop everything you love.I am still flying for example but I dont fly as often as I used to. When you start eating less meat that is already a good step in the right direction you dont have to change overnight. It is a proces but we all need to chip in at some point.
    What is your next step in the direction of mother earth?Mother nature thanks you.