Traditional Thai Massage a forgotten intervention



Traditional Thai massage belongs in the Complementary and alternative medicine area (CAM) Witch consists of five major areas: mind body interventions (like meditation); biologically based interventions (i.e. vitamins, minerals, herbal medicines and nutritional supplements); body-based interventions (massage); energy-based interventions; and, alternative medical systems ( Chinese medicine).

Don’t be fooled by the name Traditional thai massage; it is not a relaxing massage. It differs from traditional (Swedish) massage with oil. You don’t have to take off your clothes with Traditional Thai massage and oil is not a must.
Translated it from Thai language it means ancient healing way.

It is thousands of years old and it consists of a compilation of Hatha Yoga postures and energy work. They also work with acupressure similar to the Chinese medicine. The acupressure points are what helps release stagnated energy and energy blockages. the energetic pathways are called Sen. The therapist will manipulate your body and stimulate organs to improve flexibility. It can be painful no correction It will be painful and hurt while getting a massage but after that you become balanced, you will start to feel better. There hasn’t been a lot of scientific studies done but some studies show that Both Thai and Swedish massages relieve chronic low back pain. And provide pain relief, improving disability and improve psychological function; reducing anxiety and improving mood. And can improve your sleep quality and lowers stress.
This kind of therapy is especially good for athletes or people who are very active in daily life. Thai massage stretches the whole body.

Always look for a licensed massage therapist. And if you ever have the chance to go to Thailand? Defenitly go for the real deal there. Do tell them your pains and scores they need to know before they start working their magic.





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