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Since the fifties, people have been using a great deal of plastic. The reason is that it is durable, cheap, and easy. But, plastic’s dangerous side effect, polution, is rising not only on land, but also in the ocean. Plastic is so durable that it will not easily decompose. When you travel the world, you will see piles of plastic on land all around. This is extremely dangerous for animals who eat plastic in fields, and also in the ocean.

The ocean is everyone’s backyard, but it is home to many animals. Plastic waste flows into our oceans, and thus into the stomachs of whales, birds, sea turtles, and fish that are being killed by it. Do not forget that plastic is also eaten by animals that people consume, so it indirectly ends up in our own stomachs as well. Check out this video


Because of the massive amount of plastic waste on land and in oceans, some countries have begun taking action. Rwanda, for example, has banned the use of plastic bags entirely. In Europe, there are countries that ask consumers to pay money for the use of a plastic bag. If a customer does not bring a reusable bag, he or she needs to pay for a plastic one. Yet the demand for plastic bags remains because of their convenience. Western countries still utilize a lot of plastic, especially plastic bags.

You are the generation


When you start to think re-usable rather than disposable products, you are already changing the world. I know that it feels like a small gesture, but we have to start somwehre, so let’s start with the individual. By changing your way of thinking about waste, you also help yourself and improve your own health. At the moment, there are limited regulations aobut the chemicals used in plastic, latex, sillicon, etc. In the United States, many companies label their products that are BPA free.

BPA is a synthetic chemical witch is used to make plastic and is found in 86 percent of teenagers in their body.  Scientists believe that it is bad for your health and by getting to much exposure from BPA scientists are trying to proof that it is involved with the development from  different chronic diseases. The problem is that it is hard  to get hard effidence about the fact that PBA has anything to do with getting these chronical disseases.

When BPA is in the human body, you get a lot of oestrogene activities and disrupts the endocrine system witch are glands that  produce hormones regulating , metabolism, growth, sexual function and sleep. There have been done tests with animals that it does effect the live rand kidney function and gland development.
In france the national agency for food, enviromental and occupational health have banned  the use of BPA in all packaging that comes in direct contact with food.
Most countries in the world have not so watch out what you buy.

The best thing you can do for your health and for the planet is to not use disposable plastic.

You can help by eliminating your use of plastic bags and bottles. Intead, purchase reusable bags made of natural materials, and use a reusable bottle rather than disposable ones.


At the supermarket

One thing you can do as an individual is to not wrap vegetables in plastic at the supermarket. Bring your own reusable bags for shopping, whether it is at the supermarket or any other store. When you do buy plastic, purchase larger servings this will safe you from having more plastic. Look for bottles that you can recycle.


At a restaurant

Most things at a restaurant are wrapped in plastic, but you could ask the staff to wrap your leftovers in paper or a carton instead. The more that customers ask these kinds of questions, the more restaurants will think about sustainability.


At home

Drink from glass or stainless steel, which do not have any oestrogene chemicals and are therefore better for your health. Avoid using disposable plastic plates, cups, and utensils at home. If you do need to use disposable products, use cardboard plates rather than plastic. Pack your sandwiche in reusable containers. They are more fun and you can leave a note in a lunchbox too! To minimize your use of bottles, consider buying an at-home soda machine.


What else can you do?

Do not forget to buy secondhand when it coms to plastic, but everything else too! Shopping secondhand from time to time will help you keep some of that money in your pocket. By donating your throwaways for a second life at a secondhand store or the Salvation Army, Not only are you helping others, but you are helping your own wallet too. Another fun way to help nature is to host trade parties with clothing, books, and toys, for example.


Think reusable, not disposable

Sometimes it is better to buy something reusable even if you need to spend a little bit more money on it. In the end it is more costly when you go for the cheap product.

Be creative with plastic

Dave Hakkens is a Dutch man who invented recycling machines that are easy to make for yourself. Find plastic and, voila, you can make your own products! He made candle holders, vases and lamps out of plastic, but I am sure you can come up with other recycled products which you can sell or use for yourself. The good thing is that everyone can use the machine all over the world, even in countries that are less wealthy. Dave Hakkens wants all people to have a chance to build their own business with recycling.  For more information check out the website and start your own business.


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