How to grow old healthy


Blue zones


Growing up I always heard that the happiest country in the world is Costa Rica with their slogan Pura Vida. But not only are they the happiest; they are also part of the Blue Zones. Nicoya is based in Costa Rica and is such a  blue place zone.

What are blue zones you might wonder? Well….. A journalist of the National Geographic discovered that people in the blue zones live with better health and life expectancy then other places in the world. With a team of researchers they figured out that they all do sertain things.

In the blue zones people eat mostly plant based so little animal products. And don’t overeat they eat a lot of beans. They do a lot of exercise but don’t go to the gym, even when old they still walk up the hill. People found meaning with whatever they care for (that can be anything really and doesn’t necessary mean religion).

When people retire they don’t stop but they just take it more easy. And lest but not least people are part of a social community this can be your town community or your family or your spiritual community most importantly they don’t feel lonely.

To find out more abou the blue zones check out one of the books that Dan Buettner wrote or check him out on one of the many podcasts or on his instagram.

But Costa Rica is definitely one of the countries who have a blue zone where you don’t only get old there but you grow happy old there.




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