The power of forgiveness

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The good thing of reading biographies from other people is that you can learn from people who have already been through what you are getting through yourself or share the life lessons they already experienced in this life. At a thrift shop I once bought a book written by Goldie Hawn and her story had such an impact on me that I’m writing this article now to share this with you. When she was very young, still a child, she was molested and her parents taught her to have compassion for the offender, instead of feeling a victim.

Not because he was such a nice guy, on the contrary but so she was able to get over her anger, pain and fear.
Compassion is a great medicine. With compassion you are able to forgive another person. When you don’t forgive you can’t move on and are you the one who is stuck (in the past). By forgiving you let go of the bad memories who are holding you back. It is scientifically proven that the more you think of a bad memory, the more you’re damaging your own mind. Your thoughts and feelings make your reality. And in what reality do you want to live? I am not saying you can’t be angry. But if you really want to heal the wounded inner child in yourself it’s important to let the anger out.

Even the one who has hurt you did it unintentional. It helps to let the anger out, and sometimes even in another way then face-to- face to the other person or even a tree will do. By expressing yourself you let the stuck anger out and this relieves you. Take your time but don’t stay angry forever. The power of forgiving you will grow you as a person. What happens when you stop resisting? It starts with having compassion for the other person, then followed by forgiveness which will set you free. Letting go gives you insight which leads to behavioural change.

You are not what happened to you! That is what I learned from reading the book of Goldie Hawn. She is a mother of beautiful children, has had a great acting career and didn’t stop believing in herself.


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