Life lessons from running




There is a reason why a lot of people all over the world run.
Not only is it healthy, but also it is an natural antidepressant. Which is why running can give you a lot of physical benefits when you are feeling down. Running releases endorphins.

Of course, if you are overweight or  out of shape, you should not start running right away.
When you start too intensely with running, it can be bad for your knees or easy to get blisters.
At first, consider starting with cycling because its less strenuous on the knees.
But when you build up running in the right way, it will give you a good feeling and better health overall.
I was able to run one minute long. After that minute my tongue was on my knees and i wanted to give up and cry.
I didnt and sometimes i did. Most important……..I kept going and after six years i ran my first half marathon.

Learn to ask for help (with running).
The good thing is you can meet new people through a running club or through different running events. Make goals for yourself and learn to succeed. Start simple with a 1 or 5-kilometer race and build it up from there. You can find free training plans online. Start slow, but start.

Running in nature can help you calm your thoughts, open your eyes, and live in the now.
It is proven that spending time in nature reduces stress.

Learn to breathe slowly and keep your heartrate in a steady rhythm.  Again look up how you can figure out your perfect heartrate for running. There are schedules online but also learn how to figure out what your best heartrate is. Keeping your heartrate in a steady paste while running is good for your breath and overall condition and the longer you can keep up.

Building yourself a better condition is not only good for your physical health, but also for your self-confidence. You learn to deal with difficult moments and you can feel proud of yourself when you achieve a goal or when you improve your own race time for a certain distance. You can translate overcoming those difficult moments with running to the rest of your life too. It will pass.

There is a Dutch saying which says “Hardlopers zijn doodlopers” and it is true. When you want too much too quickly, you will fail. life will get easier when you get the hang of it. Running can give you so much and is full of metaphors for life.

Grab those shoes out of the closet and begin. Start somewhere and start slow. But whatever you do don’t stop and don’t look back.


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